Friday, January 2, 2009

TotalFTA is Up and Running

Finally, after a long hard time of server issues and visitor complaints. TotalFTA got their game together and are up and running with the latest Total FTA Codes!

Although the TotalFTA forum is still terribly slow, and requires the painful registration process, at least the FTA Files are now available right on the homepage.

They only feature some of the top FTA brands on the homepage, including Viewsat, Sonicview and Conaxsat, but that's about it! You won't be able to find the latest fix for Coolsat or Captiveworks right on the homepage, it will take a whole registration process and some browsing before you can download the latest total FTA files.

TotalFTA is usually one of the last ones to update their files, I have seen quicker results at FTAtalk or at FTAforall, but then again, it is almost impossible to reach FTAtalk or FTAforall when the FTA files are down, and when you do reach, it takes about 30 minutes just to download one FTA file, which kind of makes it depressing.

Total FTA has kept it up and running for the past week or two, and we are enjoying great new Pay Per View releases such as Batman: The Dark Knight and Hancock!

See you next week, until then,

Enjoy Total FTA Forums for Free!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Total FTA

Heard of the FTA Forum TotalFTA? Apparently it's that big FTA forum where people go download FTA Files for there FTA Receivers. I'm here to tell you that is the last place you should be looking for files. TOTAL FTA is a busy forum, which explains the slow loading time, and the slow file updates. Www Total FTA com also requires registration, which if you ask me, is a pretty useless process. All the big FTA Forums require registration, the reason is simple, they want your email addresses so they can spam you later on, so technically the files you are downloading at the Total FTA Forum aren't even free, someone somewhere is falling for that spam and paying the price for everyone.

Ever imagined having one fta files site to go to, and having all the fta files, for all the fta receivers, available right there and then on the homepage, for free, no registration required, no membership fees, no bullshit, and especially no Downtime! Well then it's time you forget the total fta talk, understand the total fta codes aren't special and realize there are many total fta problems. Time to find a real place to download the total fta files, and that' place is here, right here!

Totalfta down one too many times, how many times to you try and visit and simply get no server response! TotalFTA com use to be a good site, back when it was total fta free ! Forget about the useless total fta forum, there are plenty of other places to get totalfta files for free!

Visit here Total-FTA blogspot and get all the total fta codes free all the time, on time. The latest FTA files updates always available, anytime a day always for free.

Have a question? Can't install your Viewsat or any other FTA receiver? Don't post in the total fta support section and wait for days until someone feels bad for you and replies to your poor total fta codes post, simply email-us and expect a real answer from a serious professional within 24 hours. The only way to do it!